Spy Equipment

Private or public, being a spy can often be a tricky trade to deal with. While you need to the best equipment available to do your spying, you may also need hidden equipment that can be concealed in plain sight. Several spies usually use bulky equipment that lands them in a lot of hot water, including lawsuits and arrests for invasion of privacy. When picking out your spy equipment, you take into consideration some of the most popular equipment that’s available on the consumer market. At the same time, you want to make sure to see to it that the equipment can apply to your situation, before you go wasting your money. The Voice Recorder It’s easy to record audio when you ask for permission. After all, even the simplest of smartphones have some sort of voice recording functionality. If you need to be a little more secretive about it, there are several options with the use of MP3s. Hidden recorders in pens, clothing, and even telephones can easily either record to a small hard drive, or transmit the audio wirelessly across router frequencies. Take into consideration the amount of space that you have, and even if you’ll be one to listen in the entire time, some sort of recording device should be necessary for documentation. The Hidden Camera These aren’t a new technology, but wireless efforts are making them more powerful than they’ve ever been. You’re not going to have much in the way of recording functionality with the exception of the receiving end, since most of the space you have for a camera will be occupied by the camera itself. Several cameras offer you the opportunity to plant your spy equipment in ventilation shafts, office accessories, and even on your own clothing within a conference or meeting. The hidden camera might be the oldest trick in the book, the hiding them is getting easier than ever. GPS Tracking A simple tracking device on a moving target is easier to obtain than ever. The problem is that when it comes to spy equipment, it can be one of the hardest ones to successfully utilize. Contrary to popular belief, GPS trackers aren’t limitless, and you’ll need to be within some sort of range of your target. However, if you’ve got the ability to be on the move a little bit, then this tool could become a crucial element to successful spying.

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